Online shopping site should include more diverse variety(not only fair skinned) to showcase their product

more diversified veiw requiredI would like all the online site to include variety in case of skin color to model their product, so customer can get better idea of what they want, as they are not all fair skin type.This concern was raised when my mother had ordered the suit that looked good on the model of fair skin type, but it arrived it did not suited her less fair complexion and she became disheartened after seeing that it didn’t suited her skin type well, if the site had variety in model showcasing their clothing it would have given a clarity, as online site is the best place where you can see the given cloth in visual as it showcased in the model, if it has more variety in skin color it would give customer a better clarity, if it is suited to their skin type or not.

From a concerned customer

Matching making

A Netflix originals

It seems as someone in human has arrived to give us a partner of our dreams,yes rightly its Seema aunty guys, she is someone who is a genuine human bumble or tinder or being more specific, to whom we can rely as to the person we will meet will be filtered before as you have given your specifications, yes you can then instead of having virtual conversation, directly meet them ,so in this case its not sometime of hookup, but a commitment you have to give,yes guys it marriage. So parents will be involved to get the perspective, it somehow made me realize how consistent is Seema aunty to get absolute right match for you, just imagine in real world who can help you pursue your dream partner. But its also difficult to get to know the person in such a short span,that you are giving commitment.At first instance the series seemed to be the documentry, but then you realize its series. It has taken grip of everyone as its showing us our culture as to how the arrange marriage is proceeded in our country, seema aunty could be anyone your preist(pandit) or your relative(mausi).In all a reality check which is by far a reality

Oreo with dairy milk chocolate cake recipie

Take 1 packet oreo (according how big you want)

Take 2 packets dairy milk

Slice oreo into 2 removing cream aside

Take mixer put sliced oreo in it,then add half cup milk,1 table spoon oil and mix it well till it becomes a thin paste

Now take the bowl you will put in microwave .Add butter and flour to its base,remove extra flour from the base put the oreo mixed content into it.

Bake it for 15 minutes.

Till then you can make some creamy topping from the chocolate remember dairy milk.

Take pan put the chocolate and add some milk to it.Bake it till you get thick syrup,put it cool for 2 mins

After 15 mins remove your cake from microwave,let it cool for 5 mins.

Put the chocolate syrup in it.

You are all set ready to have delicious oreo cake with dairy milk topping

Crushing distinctly

I dnt know but it seems I have found someone who can understand me to whom I can express my emotions,my thoughts,but there lies a catch its genaration gap +already taken,I dnt know why I am still howering to just get one text from him,I know I had been crushing too madly into him.

But can I see him in person as distance are far apart to get us together.I dnt know how I caught his attention that now I can’t give up on him.Just a red wine and a dance would be enough to be saturated.

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