Family man S2 an overveiw

It started with the previous review of the terrorist group, then it grips on to Srikant Tiwari who is working as an IT professional, and the scene where his boss argues to as of why he has been late, to that he replies its 9:20 and they can reach office between 9:00 to 9:30, if they want he can sit there aròund 8:30, he is not at all in the mood to perform his current job. He is calling JK his friend to tell him his condition out here, who then realizes that he should come back to his previous secret agent job. Along with that he is not having a good family life, no proper conversation is there he can make with his wife Suchi. His son is also a innocent but smart one who knew how to get things from his father, as it can be seen he is asking for new iphone model, thereby his daughter Dhriti finds it misogynist that boys are given all the stuff they want, she can be seen a little stunborn, natural teenage go through.

Along with that there is other side ongoings its the story about terrorist how they are controlling things sitting in London, France. To that there comes innocent face Raji being molested at workplace and in public area, but there is not taking along with it she had killed them and its a harsh sight to watch to how the dead bodies are been thrown away. Then there is the instance where police has come to investigate about the missing manager and investigate all the employees including Raji. Who is now going back to his brother to get out from investigation since the police has found here place. There she arrives to the place where it comes along to be seen as a mission and her being crucial part of the terrorist. Since it bought up her riding a plane. That has some strings attached to the plan being lead outside India by mastermind Bhaskaran, yes the antagonist, or a lead of that terrorist.

Srikant on the other hand is now moved to his previous TASC organization, and its an emotional one to see Suchi and him being apart and not in talking terms and how the teenage Dhriti gets affected while his son is still calm and settles the situation of being mediator for his dad.

Dhriti is dating a guy named Kalyan while Suchi Seikant’s wife has got back to work to keep herself busy.

Moving to TASC investigation Srikant and JK with their mates are on mission to roll down the terrorist who are being threat to the highest position.

Raji is now in search,best part is the seen where they are caught at Raji’s place who took herself while fleeing tell Srikant and JK the location and the inspector arrest who is now in search of Raji reaches the place and found Srikant and JK near the body kept in a bag, she arrest them, and is not in a mood to listen them and dump JK’s phone. But the official comes by and bail them out from the jail.

Inspecter has joined them in the mission too. The mission is to now catch Raji who has fled away, now Raji with his brother and Akbar they are feeing with explosives to Sri Lanka.

In short they get in at one point that dhriti’s boyfriend is also the part of it and they used her now to stop Srikant from getting between their mission, she has been kidnapped, now Srikant is all upset and is in hint that terrorist might have done it, getting all the phone tapped and police force throughout the area, he is able to catch up Akbar and his mates who are surrendered and shooted, and the so called Kalyan was killed by Dhriti.

As this points get completed, abroad the terrorist mastermind Bhaskaran had been surrendered but he does not omit any plans and kills himself.

The only left person is Raji who is now under TASC radar, as she is flying thr palne with explosive, it was tedious to find Raji and the day has come when she thought of running the plane with explosive to an important place of higher authority. Srikant and his team gets the hint and get to the place finally the they shoot out at the plane and plane hits out with explosion.

Nice acting by all the cast I must say and a good story based on real events have been told that you are hooked for each episode, It is a 5 star series.

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Scam 1992 (series overview)

Its a really gripping story where one wants to know what are the insiders that he did to perform such a big scam.

As the story begins with humble family, and their son Harshad with big dreams, so one of his mate introduces him to share market, where he learns tricks and tips how the market works, like when to sell the stock and when to buy, at the beginning his guess of a market share to up really works to his benifit, after which there is no looking back. He is not sufficient with these goings for the want of more he indulge to get small stocks to whom he could help in increasing the market share, for this he would take help from the insiders of that small company, this efficacy is the base of the big scam that will happen, then there is their own company that is managing these small market share companies started.

Moving higher up then he wants more, for him this is not what is sufficient. So then there is money market where he gambles with the bank fraudary. With taking money from foreign banks without BR and securities he becomes confident to bring shares to big banks, including SBI, this scam was of rupees 500 crores, that lead not many but Suchita Dalal to think how is it all possible to have such a wealth in no time.

Suchita Dalal a financial column writer in Times of India, is pretty aware of the financial ongoings and is mesmirized to see the share market being controlled by Harshad, but there she caught the trap how badly was Harshad taking advantage of flaws of the system, but as a responsible person she is there to get it known to every one that there are person who misusing country’s money.

Though there is tough fight to get even a column based on him to get into the newspaper, there needs to be evidence, from where they slowly getting each layer out and got the one column of Harshad The big bull 1500 crores scam of SBI that started the trouble for Harshad. His downfall

Then there are CBI raids, he is the most wanted person. He had to jail that until bail granted. That when started having health issues. There are many higher authority level who are also involved in this, that have also been named by his advocate, now there is nothing left every one has withdrawn from his share. Then there is a sad ending which gets emotional though.

Not revealed much, a must watch.

Available on sonyliv series-Scam 1992

Misogyny in our society (Work sector)

Maybe we have come forward as a nation in case of equality , but there is still a pinch of misogny left in, an old thoughts misogny where you can see men with position whom none can question( IT sectors), still objectifying women and do not consider them as capable of providing any effient amount of work, I think this will take some time to change in point of veiw, I am not talking about the general scenario because there are places where both women and men are contributing equally, but this pinch of old thoughts misogynist still needs some changes.
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Do follow Mind Valley (+vity towards life and Hard work is bullsh**)

They are the best one to look at if you feel like your job is a disastor or feel like giving up, it really enhances your inner core to get and get a vision and evolve yourself, no worry about result as everything will fall in its place as you evolve and attract the right ones and right places. It is the hope for want that is wanting more money, car and house or anything luxury that provides anxiety and a tough one though, if you are busy evolving yourself and leave the rest, universe will decide to make it happen all.

Just evolve and remain positive everything will fall in its place, and do follow Mind Valley in you tube, great content to motivate.

When a shopping site lets you not get away with the product even if not suited

I had shopped a suit from Bunai a shopping site that was seen as a light pink color but when it arrived it was in different shade which does not suits me, but here is the catch you can’t return the product, sorry if I had not gone to their policy thoroughly but they can’t deceive us as the suit brought was worth Rs. 3700 not a small amount to get away after writing in their mail but there is no reply from their end only Discount coupens being mailed. This was not expected from a site that is extremely good even a small shopping site like DVIJA had return policy, a change from their end is appreciated.

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Online shopping site should include more diverse variety(not only fair skinned) to showcase their product

more diversified veiw requiredI would like all the online site to include variety in case of skin color to model their product, so customer can get better idea of what they want, as they are not all fair skin type.This concern was raised when my mother had ordered the suit that looked good on the model of fair skin type, but it arrived it did not suited her less fair complexion and she became disheartened after seeing that it didn’t suited her skin type well, if the site had variety in model showcasing their clothing it would have given a clarity, as online site is the best place where you can see the given cloth in visual as it showcased in the model, if it has more variety in skin color it would give customer a better clarity, if it is suited to their skin type or not.

From a concerned customer

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