Get through the illusions

Sometimes the blame to them can revert back in a sense that it will haunt you through each hour of each minute of each second.It is like someone is throwing you down.To just never rise again.

Each ladder I climb it feels as though you I you have had gained to only be pushed down.

In the time now trust is something you should hardly apply.As it is not worth wasting upon people that passes by.

Silence will make each eye to question your existence. To have a quick mock from the perception around.

Those perception could make someone to get you aside that could turn you upside down.

Life always comes with a phase that would be in itself a journey.

Sometimes happiness seems to be an illision.

Sometimes faith seems to have gone through Mars.

Better will never be life,till you strive towards the best.


Too close to be too distant

Sometime it takes a while to get to know people around , it is disheartning to see the deception that goes by. It makes you dishearten to get your thoughts sorted for a task. Maybe its just like weeds that will destroy cultivation.

There is always trap around that stop you to make others come to a place where they get to know you.Maybe this always gives a solitude that can no longer be revoked for certain duration.If revoked it seems that you are into a confused world,where from every corner you are being jujged.

This is the world that seems too close to be too distant to get through .

To the best of my knowledge I could get back to some incoherent path that would make a flamboyance that could lead to falacy of your character.

But in this world innocence is just looked down upon as being just a breeze that could flow anyway.

You tend to be drifted but soon a ray of hope makes you splended towards your goal.

That shift could offer you something relevant but you certainly drift away from it.

Far away you move and sometimes you look back at that moment you seem to just be a traveller who was not able to decide which place to visit.


When you feel a gush of sight coming from somewhere side.It makes you somewhere concious to do your task.

But you know that someone is in contant chase.With time that makes you uncomfortable to even converse with that chase.

But the coversation was there but now it has all gone by.It really feels awkward sometimes even to pass by.

Maybe this happening with me again twice.

Where to go This is like revisiting a place which succumb to an old place,dare it regresses me to my old me which I don’t want to let myself to be in.

Its like your peace has gone too far to turn around.It is like what exactly you want out of the life.It seems like a flow that you want to set but its setting itself,this is not where I want myself to be.But other than this what is that I really want,many answers but maybe that zeroes to null itself.

Let the light flow in through the day.Making it a hay.Even the days are as dark as night.It seems like it is a long stretch that never ends.This makes the even the lodest music to slow without any effect.

Socially awkward..

When the voice around seems too dull to illuminate the feeling to converse.It seems after an year of silence and self introspection,its like if the voice really need to be heard.

You seem so silent that it seems too awkward for others to perceive you as an extrovert.It seems their laughter are mocking your silence hushing you to just sit like a statue not even moving a hay.

This social repulsiveness makes you to just let it go what is going on.Like a river you flow through the mountains and rocks not letting them distract you.This river finally meets the sea and into ocean with a huge stillness within it.That stillness may so intact,a little crawl makes you scared.

Life has different phases.Mine is the one which always gazes.Little does it seems to be interested to voice in others conversations.

So noisy all around but beneath is so much calm that even the loud music in clubs can’t take away the solitude so intact.

Life’s misery

When all the sound hushes you,

Makes you to feel apart

Like a palm tree in some desert

It dries you up in lonliness

Laughter all around sounds

Like a puch felt on your cheek

It all swallows you up

Leaving a delima

But when lonliness gives way to solitude

You can think better apart

Life hush hush all around

Don’t let the impact of what it sounds.

Let your concious utter to you

“Hey I am there where are you?”

If you could hear it

Answer it deporting all the baggage you can.

When will I meet you

Blocks of thought comes to your mind.

When you find it could be yours

But sad you have left it pretty far behind.

Maybe you could repent

Maybe you could cry

But maybe it is there waiting

with an open arm to hug you

whenever you pass by

These days are lame

ready to derail.

But its hope of just touching me could

Therebye make a no sense

These feeling of mine

If would also be thine

Mylord it would be happy

Place to be in

That was in rewind

Hope these do make not sense

To thee but my feelings are to

Meet you by some lovely tree.

Warm Hug

Maybe a soft couch or a carpet from the glass panes you can see the veiw around.Paranoid in your own thoughts you could recall with laughter a brewing warm hug that makes it all the romance.Music probably soothing the aroma around so you can bent to him all around and time passes with no words but just a feeling that could soothe you. Maybe those arms are comforting taking away frustrations within or surrounded with some positive that could attract the negative within.

These gestures only you could appraise someday.Waiting when that hug would come around,dreaming all the day.Dreamy so it gets you are lost to the world of fancy.

Taking you to the shore that hug . Playing around with pebbles.Its true to be perfect and a second you recall probably you are rushing far away from mountains to the shore in a second.Seeming if it will somehow be true.

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