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  • Makar Sankranti Festival in Uttarakhand as Ghugutiya!!
    Presenting to you some yummy delicious khajure and ghughute this Sankranti.
    These are ghughute in picture made from wheat and suji and making a dough of them while pouring jaggery syrup and then taking little dough and elongating them and twirling to making the sape given.
    And this is khajure with made with more suji in quantity than ghughute and mixing with wheat and sugar syrup.

    You could see the dough that has been then we have elongated it and cut out the pieces. Here goes the recepie, you could try to have them as snacks.

    Marking the end of chilling winter, it is also known as transition festival where the sun moves to capricorn sign, if you are into zodiac sign you could look into the google to search about the significance of the festival.

  • As we step to new year!!

    You could see the delicious hot chocolate a deet and a steal deal for each winter. As the year comes to an end you could just pass by and journal your thoughts about everything you acheived and many things that you would unfold further.

    Many times you think if I could have done better, but what better could be made is where you are right now. As each events have its own motive in our life. As further you go and realize this thing is going better in this way. So acceptance is the key to make you realize that whatever have happened in this year can’t be undone. Hence as we step ahead we have many new opportunities and new methods that we have to capture and unravel. Hence it is better to move ahead in life rather than being in repent.

    Hot chocolate is never a bad idea to fill your cravings!!!
    Malai Chicken tikka heavenly taste a must!!!

    What more could one ask for rather than a good family and a good job and our new goals to acheive.

    Wishing you all a good year ahead with new path waiting to unravel. And to create your own resolutions though they are not to long to rely on but why not resolve something good.🙂🙂

  • And you realize slowly

    There have been times when you do not feel like why no work and stress free time could dive you more difficult situation.

    What are you really thinking about, is the past really to wander. Take risk coz its worth it.

    As it is about risking your job and taking up the path certainly different to it. That is of going back and finishing your studies. It really feels sonetimes you are in a guilt trap of if you are right in taking such a decision. Since stuck up in work for almost years now, felt you were missing something but now you feel its all good. But no, the more the risk the higher you need to prepare yourself mentally as you slide to FOMO of your previous work. Yes but one thing you are sure that you would gain much more by this time with every new field you explore. But to my demise I have been going through a FOMO kinda situation related to work.

    Sometimes you just need to pour all your thoughts.

    When you start dealing with weird thoughts repeatedly of past situation. It really makes a impact in day to day life. I think therapy is a need. Where you could just pour your heart out. It really calm you. But I tell you in India maybe in small town mental health is just taken as a joke. It is not treated with any respect. You can’t just go to your parents and make them feel already worried about your situation. This is what I feel but thanks to online therapy that really do have good take on soothing ourselves. Although not taken any though.

    If you think about being the free time right now that had lead to more of a stressfull situation for you as to find out what as a person you are and the social anxiety that you suffer. Trying being around with people and taking all the efforts to greet and know them. It is therauptic. It really makes one think about what kind of life one is usually leading and what is others point of view.

    Know your self. Be aware of who you are as a person if you want to feel empathy towards others. Feeling empathy towards others only comes if you understand other. You can only understand others if you understand youself. Hence knowing your emotions and feelings is imoortant to deal with others.

    The more you grow in life the less you find these petty things comforting. I mean to say the needs of brand or carrying the newest iphone or any new Mercedees.

    Not so important to just dream, you could have any of them but what more is important is the people around you, the mindset. Although you can’t deny to have them as your reward.

    As the time goes by your thoughts changes and you could just take by one stance of manifesting to being at peace with you and in harmony with others.

    Thanks hope you guys got it sonewhat related or maybe not so much. Have a good weekend.

  • Jaipur Diaries : Please mark the location for your travel!
    Pink City Gate from where you would enter the market like Bapu Bazar and city palace
    Jantar Mantar
    Camel Ride in Pushkar
    Albert Meuseum
    Amer Fort
    Nahagarh Fort : View of the whole jaipur city

  • A Glimse of Diwali

    A victory of good over evil! A day when Shri Ram came back defeating Ravan and from 14 years of vanvas. To celebrate his come back to his hometown Ayodhya everyone lighted diyas marking a symbol of celebration and hence we celebrate Diwali.

    In Kumaoni culture we make Goddess lakshmi (Goddess of wealth) with sugarcane stick.
    Aipan : A kumaoni culture which is made in entrance of each room to draw attention of lakshmi: The feet drawn indicates the direction of where she would enter.
    Rangoli: A moment of creativity at one corner surrounded by diyas.
    Diyas: Symbol of Ram’s comeback celebration.
  • Raised Voice in an MNC

    Hey guys hope you all doing well, but here as the topic suggest would make you feel like, ofcourse we raise our voices then nd now to get our things done or in anger.

    Groupism is real : The one who raises voice will be excluded and left to search for some other place in an MNC

    But here is the pun so I am also in your category but have you ever in workplace ttied to raise your voice, no I do not mean you started shouting or screaming to get the issue sorted, not at all. But the voice I mean is for the self respect , for discrimination, for taking granted and being disrespected. Why not each one oc you might have gone through such scenarios. Then you might have got the result that either sorted situation out or just made you realize that we have the door open for you so just move out. Yes if you have not heard about that situation , but this is usual in IT field they are not in charge of any misdealings in workplace hence they throw out the person who raise voice against any malpractise. Why not who want you to be the one questioning their integrity, their integrity means an employee in their group who might be a narsassit. But then suddenly you realize when you are out from that place. Why have I raised a voice coz its me who got fired or released. This kind of feeling is usual in private companies that are more sought of just work driven, no matter what employee might be going and raising voice for. Even then you are in a zone of depression that is it worth to even raise voice even if things are going badly. No its not just that there is the need of HR but do they listen up to the concern, no ofcourse not since they are tied up with higher authorities and even there had been a scenario that before leaving a project I had mailed the respective HR several time of the situation, but not a single reply. So that made me realize it is just the higher authority and people in top managent who could make moves and each one needs to follow them, and the soul resposibilty of individual depratment get lost if they are under fear of not even handling their duties well.

    This is what IT companies make of its employees nodding head to each authority and being mum even if you witness unethical practices. Otherwise they have many trainings of the ethics which you just need to complete on time, and in no point to be followed by anyone.

    I hope you might have different views but this is the view of people of mine being in several project and in different MNC but their ethics are same so I hope you remain susshhh. Open your mouth, no no no.

    I want your views too how anyone of you have got in such situation and tackled it would be a great guidance.

  • Krishna: The saviour: Vishnu Avatar:Janmashtami
    Krishna was born on this day where he was born to Devki who was sister to Kans aka an evil king who had been given curse that Devki’s 10th child would end him. And hence Krishna being her 10th child have been sent away from Devki and to Yashodha. Where Yashodha has no clue about it. With her unconditional love he nutured Kanha. But you know Kans had finally received the info that the child is alive hence he had sent many of his monsters to kill Kanha but to his dismay they have all been killed. And when the strongest of those mosters got killed by Kanha, Kansa went to a depressed state as he gets the hint he will have his end too. Hence we could say Krishna is the saviour. His teachings to Arjun on War zone that is Mahabharat are the human lessons that have been captured in Bhagvat Gita. So there is always a supreme power we could say that would take avatar whenever the people are going through chaos of some evil.
    Laddo Gopal in the picture depicts infant Krishna whose statue is always praised be it jansmashtami or any other ocassion.
  • Runyway 34: A movie Overview

    If you want a movie that really takes a grip with interesting plot, then here we have Runway 34 for you guys, a movie directed and produced by Ajay Devgan.

    If you heard Runway, flights may not be too far, and if flights are in then pilot comes into the scene. So obvious it is. So here we have Ajay playing the key role of Pilot. And he is having a hectic work life who is flying every next day. So his friends wants him to chill and invites him to the club. It is no from his side as he as flight next morning but after his friend insitence they finally move to club. After he arrives late at night. Then in the morning around 6:00 at the beep off alarm then he hurries towards the airport. And then you know that hasten up and dozed off he is. And to run the flight he was not in a good state of mind, we could just say good luck to the passengers.

    As he disposes off he was called for the location check where he had to review the location and all the atmosphere and winds calculation, he was accompained by other new captain Albereque played by Rakul Preet. And to desmise Ajay had already read the entire booklet and when asked he replied he has photogenic memory. Ohh gosh.

    But yeah now come to the passenger site there was Carry Minati, it was like hey is he really there to roast or what, but yes we have our sensational youtuber there. You could see the mother carrying her child and travelling alone. And other side daughter who was travelling with her ailing mother.

    But you know on the other hand we could see Ajay was dozing off and he had to ask for coffee to make himself up. And to all the despise there comes the weather alert from the arrival place stating due to low visibilty the landing is impossible in Cochin hence they need to divert the route, there was a panic situation every where and passengers are really horrified and each one is calling up the pilot hence the pilot aka Ajay arrives to them and tell them to trust him, they will reach the destination safely.

    Hence forward there is really a bad situation as Ajay and Alberqerque has an argument as to what will be the final stop since Albequerque wants to land in Bangalore as its safe seeing fuel capacity and little far away from Cochin hence the wheather would be better. But Ajay does not want it to be hence you know now he is heading to Cochin and due to bad weather the flight has been shaking around, it is really frightening for the passengers too. So you know what now they finally decide to change the route and Ajay decides for landing Runway 34 as the fuel has been almost exhausted. And now as the weather still gets too bad with least visibilty, hope has been lost for each passengers even the co pilot Alberqerque is in anxious state since hardly any fuel is there. And now Ajay with his eyes closed and trusting his instinct is all we can see if he would be able to make a good reach. Since ambulance has also been placed in the runway but to utter dismay you know they have landed the runway 34 in a safe manner. Dnt know but Ajay landed them safely.

    But as you proceed further there have been investigation with the Pilot as to why has there been such an incident. And the lawyer who is fighting against them is well named lawyer palyed by Amitabh Bacchan. As then further with proceedings it is hard for them to answer the lawyer as he cross questions them and they have almost lost the case but at the last day of proceeding, Ajay told them that yes he had closed his eye while flying towards Runway 34, since he has a photogenic memory and could recall the place in his memory as they had no other option only Runway 34 has been safer option as he was flying to that runway regularly in his previous job of flying private plane. As to which he was given to proceed with demo in a testing flight blindfolded and to recall situation and fly it manually. He passed and that brings to an end of a gripping story where Ajay was given only 3 months to not fly there after he could resume.

    These kind of story is really gripping. And hope you guys enjoy the review and could binge in on Amazon Prime. You could just let know your favourite movies which I could watch and review.

  • Jageshwar Dham: A pligrimage visit
    One of the jyotirling situated in Uttarakhand Jageshwar

    Jageshwar Dham is known for Shivji and is one of the place where he resided. Hence its called jtotirling. Being situated in mountains and its stone sculpted structure makes it a serene sight. This shrine has its amazing chilled winds as it is surrounded by Deodar tree addons are the positivity and bhakti all around. As I heard in one podcast that these holy places really have some magic and magnetic intensity that really calms you down, especially if you recite your holy prayers or mantra they have another level of power.

    I would really suggest to visit your religious place whenever you get time and see the peacefullness it provides.

    Sculpted temple a zoomed view where you could see the details of Shiva.
    Deaodar trees surroundings
  • Long Working hours of IT Company: A thought to ponder upon

    IT industry too has many cons, if you love just working and working and negotiating only few times for the leaves. As some have too less amount of leaves provided annually.

    Lets start with timing minimum it can be upto 8 hrs job and max it can go to 9 and a half hour, now just let me know what free time are you left with 7 hrs sleep will be there and then rest quite less and there too it is regular and just 2 days off. And hardly I have seen till now people taking any off (just sick leave or some function). I mean they are quite punctual. But in the meanwhile hardly you are left with any me time. Since sometimes it is too draining mentally. But its ok if the person like his job and is willing to dedicate any amount of hours.

    What about freshers who are hired, how are they trained, this is main point, sometimes they provide you those skills , sometimes your team helps but if neither has been taken care off then, don’ t find it dangerous there is internet, that will always guide you through it, just pick up any one thing

    So from my understanding to not feel burnt out, these companies should decrease their time duration atleast or provide 3 days off, which I heard google is following. Coz everyone require their personal time to devote with close ones too. And atleast do not feel like a robot switching command or whatever your job is. There is certainly requirement of working hours that needs to be decreased. And how will this happen if you are employing more people than you are doing right now. Coz there are many unemployed youth who are waiting for the opportunity. Hence that would still bring some relief to the workforce. Its just what I feel.

    I know there might be many IT or any company employee who might have their own opinion on it. So it would be better if I would get to know what is your take on this long hours of IT or in general any company.

  • The 2022 Met Gala theme, In America: An Anthology of Fashion

    What is Met Gala ?

    Why and When is it celebrated ?

    Will be answering them with certain knowledge I have. And some looks.

    Each years eyes are hooked to one of the most followed fashion (charity based) event that is Met Gala. It is organized each year on first Monday of May. With a wide variety of celebrity attendees that make it worth to watch. Be it Rihana, Beyonce or Kardashian-Jenner sisters, not forgetting Hadids. While this year too the wait is all over and you would seemingly on 2nd May 2022 will get to see the event, splashed every where around your social network.

    And you should definitly be curious who started this Gala event, It was Anna Wintour, American Vouge’s Editor in Chief, in 1995. Thats hell more than 25 years. It act as a fundraiser for Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute. So in short we could say a charity based event. Hope you got it now. And below I would show you celebrity glimpses. Do let me know if I missed out any or which has been your favourite Met Gala look till now.

    Anna Wintour the founder of Met Gala event and Editor in Chief of American Vouge’s

    Looking back at the few themes and celebrity attendees

    Blake Lively ornate Versace look in Met 2018
    Rihana at Met 2021, this unique black outfit by Balenciaga
    Kendall wore of the best outfit with all crystal sheer gown recreating Audrey Hepburn’s My Fair Lady style while Gigi wore Prada white gown with long Black gloves at Met 2021
    Kim glared quite an eyeball with this unique head to toe covered Balenciaga outfit
    Do not forget Bellie Ellish 2021 outfit that is Oscar De La Renta channeling Marilyn Monroe
    Gigi Hadid at Met 2022 in Altier Versace

    No doubt this is Rihana’s one of best outfit she wore to Met 2018
    Themed:John Galliano / Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination
    Kylie Jenner Met 2022 dawning Off White
  • Identifying toxic workplace and tackling it

    Hey there heard about leaning back and bringing back the old nostalgia that could be frightening. I tell you those dark moments. This is not about you but ruthless human roaming around especially the office scenario. Lets see it point wise.

    How to identify toxic workplace and identify solution

    Non helping Seniors

    Yes you heard that right with the topic, there are people around who are there in your office who are unwilling at guiding you . What more could be the situation when you are especially a fresher and your team around is ruthless, yes I mean not at all helpful.

    Complaining Voices

    Yes its correct there are complaining voices all going around. About what, sometimes it can be you whom they complain in a manner that you hardly know anything about work or your given task have error despite you are attempting from your end to work upon the task, that you have to do as no one around is willing to help, but ready to complain.

    Laid back mail for giving you last chances

    Neither are these people suited for anything but bringing other person morale so low, where you get those mails to remove you if you continue working in such manner, the anxiety and panic is reasonable in such a toxic situation.

    No work life balance as unevenly ditributed week offs and shift

    Now what to so in a situation where you do not have your week off fixed but all others are getting the same week off as they get. What about the shifts where every one else is having morning, afternoon and night in continous manner, but your shift are extended and it starts affecting your health.

    HR is a great resource in an organization, who would move you out from such toxic environment

    If any of the point ticks with you at workplace, go to HR right!

    Yes you might have heard HR as recruiting person, but no they do have power in case an employee is not being treated right or providing them suitable project. So please worry not, do not let circumstances to go beyond hand. Just then and there mail HR your full situation, if you are unable to get reply in time, just have a direct call or a team meeting. Trust me they will pull you out from that toxic environment and provide you the team you deserve.

  • King Richard: A movie Review (where you see Venus and Serena Williams in making)

    If you are to get motivated and know more into details of how the world’s no. 1 tennis player Venus William and Serena William got to the place where they are at. Then you are definitly good at watching the movie in Amazon Prime King Richard.

    As the title suggest it is not the biography of the ladies but of their father who just gave all his good teachings to them.

    So its now the coach, but he wants her to play juniors, but the catch is

    How these girls especially Venus William was being coached by her dad, who was so sure that his daughters are the gratest champion the world will have. Though there is no denying that he had a true foresight.

    He was in search of true coach who could help his daughter become the best at the game. Although we have seen that he is not yet finish with the search, the search to find the coach who does not just give them their stratergy but to enhance her stratergy.

    Although you might wait for Serena, when was she being taught. Yes to utter surprise it was only Venus being coached, and Serena being coached by her mother , since both the parents have been tennis coach too.

    The wait for the coach gets over when they finally met David Mett. Who according to Sir Richard was a better option. But the catch is when they shifted to Compton David had to take charge of the entire family.

    But wait as David now wants Venus to play junior round matches, but her dad insist that they would not be playing any matches till they become perfect and they would focus on their studies and enjoy their childhood that is so true.

    With all these takes we see that it is hard to make Richard to let their daughter play any tornament, but at the end he have to allow the exposure as Venus William was playing with World’s unbeatable player, although she lost but won people’s heart. And here we got even a sight when Richard goes to Serena who talks to him that she wants to play too and become world no. 1 to which Richard says that she don’t want her to play now, as he wants her to become emotionally strong. And he says to her you will be world’s finest player with your unique game.

    What can one aspire more when you have the parents who not only knows your ability but what you could give to the world. Richard is perfect example, he indeed gave us two players who are synonmous to tennis.

    Venus William is 5 times Wimbledon champion. Serena holding 23 Wimbledon title. A must watch for all.

  • Bridgeton Season II : An overview

    Yes my Lord in this season we are going to be unveiled with lot of Anthony. Yes Lord Bridgeton, you have seen him as cold men with hardly any emotions or the eldest of all who has the responsibilty to be there. How there, so here we would have a season this year too where you could pick up your bride or groom, ohh but the catch is Queen my readers, yes she would be choosing her amazing diamond or lady whom she is truly impressed by, and there will be hunt for the groom whomever she finds suitable.

    Ohh that English royal life, they have their customs and they are indeed unique as shown. But now you guys must know Lady Danbury a match maker, an eagle eye who knows the best fit for the season’s diamond or who she thinks will be season’s diamond.

    So here I take you towards, Sharma family. Yes we have lovely sisters here who have come from India, so here there is Kate Sharma, the elder one and Bon Sharma the younger, and you guys the diamond to be declared is for Bon, as her sister Kate wants her to settle and live a good life. And yes Bon who looks up to her Didi that is Kate, is truly happy.

    Hereby we have the ball where all the spinster of great family gathers and in the presence of the queen your majesty, who will be declaring the season’s diamond soon.

    So as Bon is declared season’s diamond we could see there are many Lords pursuing her, but she too is carried away by Lord Bridgeton (Anthony). And who might have already met her sis Kate while she was on her horse ride and was quite impressed by Kate’s riding skill, not to deny Kate too.

    Featherington’s never miss their below desciption, lady Whistletown in yellow gown standing at the top left

    So now what say, and you know Featherington they too have got their heir. And what about Penelope and you know now this girl wants her business to expand, you know na, Lady Whistletown is her, where she is gathering and publishing all the gossip, the Queen do not like her at all, though hush no one knows who lady Whistletown is. So Eloise her bestie, even she doesn’t know. Ohh poor how could she not be told. But if you know Eloise, you might have guessed she will not remain far behind in unveiling Whistletown.

    So now coming back to Kate and Bon, Kate had already been seeing Anthony, it has become hard for them to let everyone know about their relation. Ohh poor Bon, as she talk to her didi about her attraction to Anthony and how she wishes to marry him. Although she is unsure if he likes her. Ohh god this was seriously a bad angle between three.

    Bon and Anthony on the aisle

    And on wedding day standing at the aisle, it became so terrible to hide their feelings and certainly Bon notices them staring and got the instinct of their feelings and puzzled she is that she fainted and every one is amuzed at the sight. You know their family reputation is a kind damaged. But they are in relief.

    So shortening up, we have lady Whistletown being finally unveiled by her own description, like the word she uses in her journal by Eloise. She is definitly hurt.

    Moving on Bon finally realizes her didi who has sacrificed so much for her, deserves her love to be fullfilled and we have our happy ending where Lord Bridgeton and Kate finally get married and queen ask Bon if she would see the Prince who is not dating anyone.

    Anthony and Kate finally married

    And more remain for next season for sure. Do watch the series available in Netflix.

    And our happy Bridgeton’s family, never miss the lady in red Lady Danbury and lady in blue Eloise

  • Patience: A routine you could not, but you must imbibe

    This is to all the impatience and all the hesitant nature where you think it could be of good use to you.

    But no it can’t always be in need of being in such a haste always just be patient. 

     Patience , is a key to the good fortune or maybe its the key to the many more episodes in your life that would require much more patience, it is something that would always have to be by yourself.

    So now what do you think, maybe some of you are blessed with good form of patient, but what about others, you have to start inhabiting such practice. Yes practice to make you perfect in that aspect of your life.

    It is one thing that would really be helpful in many situations. Just abide by it.

    Hey what about such impatience as it really messes things up. You need to take up the necessary lesson.

    What lessons you might be thinking now. Ofcourse how would anyone know. What I could tell would be just a small tip that you could engage yourself in.


    How about changing your sleep pattern, going early to bed and rising early, no I don’t mean 5:00 am or 6:00 am, 7:00 am would be perfect, if too early start with 8:00 am first. I know in this lifestyle where we are glued in our celluloid till late how is it possible. Here comes your self control. Yes just control your urge to not just get in trap of your phone to just chat another gossip or scrolling insta and even Netflix binging on series late night, why don’t you have any other time of the day where you could just complete these urges. So lets see how many of you bring this to yourself making a small difference in your lifestyle.


    Like it is said yoga is the key to mindfulness, if not but somewhat. But what I know right now is that you guys majority have now become health freak, hitting to gym. Right na! But what about our old pratice that started in our country , so why not just take you fu*ing youtube out and search for basic yoga, you will have many heard about Shilpa Shetty na, yes she too has her channel where you could start of your basic yoga, not only Indian creaters but many outside from India also have yoga practise.

    Now waiting still, or saying my intermittent fasting is too good or that black team, I am sorry to disappoint here yes, why coz its unhealthy in long run, your body can’t fast daily and then grab a whole lot of meal, neither caffine intake could be so cool, it is bad. Now its up to you if you guys want to imbibe yoga or just your old sought of routine.

    Mind and body connection you know na, if not then yes its a thing you are pretty unaware of. So what you will get some idea here rest there is google baba always there for help. So what you require is a calm mind that does not gets freaking here and there, you can’t just force it. But with yoga you actually start connecting your body and your mind since you are connecting with your breath, breathing in all the positive air and breathing out all the negative air, just do this for a minute or whatever time you want, you would really feel calm. 

    Then what are you waiting I hope you guys are now ready to just know more about this mind body connection that is actually brought by yoga.


    Your ability to control your urge to just want anything. I know why not you should have all, but why then and there. Yes just control that feeling where you feel like you want to grab that ice Frappuccino or white sauce pasta, I tell you those bloggers especially the food blogger could just not make you resist, you sometimes feel like you too need them, ohh poor you. Just distract from that page and hop up to any other thing. Or just say I need them yes but I don’t want it now, remember that Kylie’s baby vedio Stormi where that small girl could resist herself when her Mommy put a bowl of candy infront of her and ask her not to have them until she arrives , and how she chants patience, that adorable, and then when she arrives she grabs them. It is ofcourse a good practice to teach your toddlers such things.

    Now what do you guys think, could you resist your urge to just not want or crave anything randomly just by scrolling out in insta or youtube or any other app  you use.

    I hope you guys got some of the tips and tricks for imbibing those patience in you. 

    Don’t forget to watch Stormi baby Patience vedio, well taught definitly!
  • Lets go through the mountain: A virtual tour
    View from the Gorakhal Temple and the lake is Bhimtal lake
    The city of Lake, Nainital, with the boats awaiting for its ride.
    The view here contains building known as boat house club
    Just an amazing click of tourist around
    Get deep into the lake

    Hope you guys enjoyed this virtual tour of the city of Lakes, Nainital that never fails to mesmerize by its beauty. Just captured so that its beauty could be seen by all.

  • Problematic IT companies: that needs to be worked on!

    Workload for a fresher

    There are times that the newbie in IT companies are provided work that too of little to no use. There are times when they would provide you some work an hour or before you are about to leave. It really pisses a person off about the work ethics that to should be followed for freshers that are overloaded irrelevant work.

    Irrelevant talks and a sought of bullying by seniors

    Sometimes you could find that there are some irrelevant talks and especially your seniors who are there to guide will hardly say up or help you in any work. Lucky are the ones who get someone to guide through. And you then think what a trap coz there will be many times they would blame you for not doing certain things that they might suggest to have told you already (but you know how much they guide) this saying is a go to lingo in an IT industry.

    Managers are too clumsy and don’t give sh* about who is guiding but want work to be done even someone who is new there!

    You might have your managers too, who is leading the team. But if you have guts to go and ask him for help or complain about your colleagues who ain’t providing you any guidance, I am sorry you have fallen into a trap where neither these managers help but here your colleagues get to know that you are complaining, so you are now kicked aside. Its really a harsh sort of scenario the place you are in. Feeling trapped. Remeber HR, they are in organization help you in such situations.

    Mistreatment and Mental Torture

    Sometimes you find up a team that is mean and especially men I am referring not offending all but some are still there with old thoughts, those misogynist. You might be target of them and then especially a female employee if she is new to work there are chances they can take advantage. You might receive calls where they are saying irrelevant things, you by youself knows what they mean. Stay away and reach their head to complain.

    If you are in conversation where other person is mentally torturing in the name that they could remove you from your position. Call them out in mail with the higher authority and HR in mail immediately.

    I hope you would have good scenarios in your workplace too, but these negative impacts too needs to be looked upon and spoken so that each one is made aware of it, and needs to make workplace a better place where there is respect and harmony with every walk of life.

  • How to fight away anxiety

    Anxiety that has been a common word and a symptom too. There are many people who might be going through it, one on four would be dealing with such situation. But hey what to do, how to get rid of it. I am not an expert to anyway recommend things that would move away anxiety .

    But while you yourself be in that situation, you could let others know about how deal with it in a certain manner.

    So what is your lifestyle? Disorganized/Organized

    What is your sleeping patter? Early sleep/Late sleep

    What is your physical activity? 20%/50%/70%

    What is your diet? Junks/Healthy meal

    What is your screen time? Not counted/ Limited

    What is your interaction with family and friends? 20%/50%/70%

    What is your day be like? Monotonous/Refreshing

    Now that you are going through those Q and A section, you definitely might have answered them too. So what is it that you are thinking, you might have known the answer that you gave if its positive in words or number then you are going great. Else you guys need some changes in lifestyle too. So first of all begin with your sleeping schedule you can atleast by 12:00 am schedule to sleep and keep away with the cell time. If not just make an effort if you have busy schedule and talking to your friend chatting or anything just don’t make it late till 1:00 am, I must say its ok. Coz you require next morning hours to rejuvenate yourself. So next time please a day or two just see if it works fine.

    Now we have early morning, I am not saying get up at 5:00 am and feel sleepy throughout the day, even a 7:30 am or 8:00 am riser too have enough time to sit back and meditate, if not do yoga, its good, just take out the youtube and search for yoga, it is really good. Then atleast do some cardio if not leave the cardio for the time of the day you are free.

    Just try to bring these things in your habit , you would see it really helps in case you are dealing with anxiety.

    And whenever you feel anxious, just stop and take a deep breath in and out or do anulom vilom(Search in youtube right now Anulom Vilom), these breathing exercise is a really help as it helps in bringing our mind to present situation. Otherwise try to move and take walk in open space. Or some jog. Just try out it helps. Instead of leaning on some heavy medication try these things. Hope it will help.

    This is what I would sum up for coping up with anxiety. Journaling is good by the way. You could pour your thoughts that provide relief of mind from those thoughts coming again.

    Hope to see good results by sharing this experience to you guys.

  • Springs and its vibrant offspring

    Just glow into the season,

    Spring the special reason

    Grow like these buds

    Vibrant and radiating positive words

    Nature showing up with these new growths,

    Chirping there birds and crows.

    Bringing to all the healthiness and happiness

    Gone are the days of quilted laziness.

    Just get up and muster courage,

    You have to be the better you.

    Don’t ever be let down by others,

    And always be unique you.

  • Kashmir Files: A movie: A new turning point in Bollywood

    Kashmir files as it brings an undimensional success at box office, it is being considered as a path breaker where content will always be praised and looked upon, high budget always does not mean success, require great actors that help you to take your amazing content to another level. If this all is just then it could summarize the KashmirFiles. How now watching those sights give so much chills, just imagine people going through it. You might also think why was it not given so much importance back then or enlightened to higher authorities to take action, maybe lack of social media or awareness at that time. As it is an eye opener for how sometimes religion could lead people into such deeds. As always we humans have been born equal with no religion defined. Those religious definition have been provided by us. So why to be so much discreet and posses inhumanly behaviour that could be no less compared to devil playing dirty. You know what I mean. The film will not need any overview or description from my end . Truth should be witnessed(watch), without a single distortion while explaining it.

    Anupam Kher, gave us another iconic act.

    Mithun Chakrawarty, was indeed true to potraying an IAS who has power but unable to act on it due to pressure from upper end.

    Pallavi Joshi, played quiet an act as a professor who is instigating students (Krishna) against their faith. This happens quite few times where there are some people so firm in their belief tries to intimedate others.

    Krishna the student and K* pandit who is in search of the true story of how his family got killed during 1990 rites. It is through his quest as shown in the film that we have the past unfolded.

    Anupam Kher, played Krishna’s grand father who had been an eyewitness to such a sight and seeking justice for the entire community is rightly depicted, where even his IAS friend (played by Mithun) could not help. Living as a refugee, not having proper meals or accomodation to live and losing his eye sight too, what a pity sight to watch! And throughout this period he urged on removing article 370 from their state.

    So will urge to watch and be aware of the dark past too.

  • Pre Holi celebrations:A glimse of Kumaoni culture and its meaning
    Women grooving to the holi geet (song)

    With the spring season heading, we indians are indulged in the festival called holi, Holi being a vibrant festival, its so called to as it filled with colors, water, gujiya and those holi songs, who do not want to groove on them Rang Barse, lets play holi , balam pichkari and many more. But hey, here in North Uttarakhand and UP there is a tradition where the holi starts1 to 2 weeks earlier, each one who celebrates holi at their place calls their near dear ones and neighbours for cultural holi songs and dance .To give it a glimse, I have attached the picture where you can see ladies dancing to our kumaoni songs Jal Kaise bharu jamuna gehari or mero rangelo devar ghr aare cho and many more. Wow these songs just gives you the feel of holi that is yet to arrive. Giving you the glimse.

    Even men are not far behind to groove on their dance.

    Why it is celebrated:

    It was celebrated as a victory of good over evil. Hiranyakashyap, the evil king who wanted everyone to treat him like god (and was against lord vishnu who had killed his younger brother) ordered Holika, his sister( who was given the vardan that she would never get burnt by the fire) to take Prahalad, (Hiranayakashyap’ son who was lord vishnu devotee)on her lap and sit on fire, so that he could take revenge from lord Vishnu. But to his surprise Holika was burnt and Prahalad did not. And that marked as victory of good over evil.And to everyone it taught to have faith in god who will take you out from any uncalled situation. Good has victory over evil.

  • Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham: An overview

    With the old movie that never get too old for binge. So here is Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam review. Unlinke when you see a Karan Johar’s movie now this movie is hard to come from him. Allthough these are the films that define Karan Johar as a director.

    With the cast of which none felt offbeat be The Shahrukh Khan our forever Rahul, Anjali you know now its ofcourse Kajol, Amitabh Bacchan leading the family is just perfect for his pratishta, parampara, anusashan. Jaya Bacchan with her depth motherly emotions makes her best choice for the role of mother. Now comes the newbie at that course of time meaning dashing Ritik Roshan as Rahul’s younger brother and the iconic Poo that gave Kareena her markful character is all the more cherry on top of the lavish cast. Why to leave behind Rahul’s childhood friend Soniya played by Rani Mukherjee, short but impactful.

    So brining these cast for the movie was the best decision by Karan the director. So now going on with the story, its a 2 hour 20 minutes film so hold on it can take one day or even you can complete it in 2 days like me.

    It all starts with Rahul and Rohan’s grandma chatting and then narrating the story Rohan who had come back from boarding school. So the stories goes with Rahul’s (played by the king himself of bollywood, I mean Shah Rukh Khan) mother doing her puja in the hope that her son comes back soon. As Rahul is arriving from the chopper an iconic scene where he is running down and the scent or some motherly instinct makes her mom feels that her son is arriving as she finishes her puja and look towards the entrance there is no one but then is the Rahul’s arrival that makes the scene emotional.

    Rahul’s mother

    Not making it too long. Rahul arrives and it becomes a complete home, Soniya played by Rani Mukherjee is too waiting for him and ask him if he had missed her or have some more girlfriends out there. So it a cute little conversation shown between childhood friends who are meeting after a long time.

    Soniya Rahul’s childhood friend

    So then moving past Rahul father’s birthday, where they are organizing a grand party. And in parallel to it there goes the scene of Anjali where her mother who is a help at Rahul’s home, looks at the newspaper cutting of his bade sahab’s birthday ( Mr. Raichand Rahul’s father not to forget played by the legendary Amitabh Bachhan) where she discusses with Anjali (Kajol) that she will be making sweets as a gift for him. In the meanwhile Rahul’s visit their house and what a meeting where Anjali missed him as ger sister’s fiance and thought him as a shayar (poet) and comes up with her own shayari, but then when she caught that she had missed him as her sister’s fiancee by looking at newspaper cutting its a funny moment. So then with this there starts their love story too. Meanwhile we can see laddo urf Rahul’s brother is being teased by Anjali sis Pooja (poo).

    Anjali & Rahul

    And then then as scene unfolds Mr. Raichand wants Rahul to marry Soniya his friends daughter since they both have been friends but Rahul refuses you know (Anjali). With that there comes the drift in their relation. Although Soniya understood and let Rahul’s move on.

    Here Laddo (Rohan ) is being sent to boarding school as its been said by his father it is rule in the family that they have gone to boarding school hence he should go too.

    But the sad part is Anjali’s father passes away in the mean time when Rahul meets them at their funeral, he vows he will take care of Anjali and her family like her dad does.

    Then they both move together married to Rahul’s home, where his father denies giving his blessing to the newly weds as he has broken rule of their family with this they both leave the house. It is such an emotional scene, they acted quite through the emotion.

    But hey now they are settled in London and back there they have a kid and Pooja and Anjali’s mom living with them.

    Here Rohan is back from boarding and we are moved back to the scene where Rohan is being told all this story through his grandma.

    So now what he takes vow to bring back Rahul and his bhabhi ( wife) back to their home.

    So here we are introduced with the iconic poo character potryed by Kareena Kapoor Khan, where she with her other two friends are searching for the right guy to go for in the prom , where none of the guy passes, but then all of a sudden there is a car horn from the back while she discusses about her dream man who could be anywhere around, and then when she finally turns back and look at the guy who is in the car behind , she is awestruck, hey guys why not it is Rithik Roshan who is playing the elder Rohan’s character. So then there are glimses of song.


    At the end he seems reminding her that he is laddo the guy she teased. Poo then is really mesmerized by him. So now Rohan wants Poo to help her to bring back his brother and their family back to India.

    So she brings Rohan to her house in London, while Rahul being unaware of him being his brother. So moving fast forward and here is the annual function at Rahul’s son school where he sung the national anthem making the environment emotional and filled with pride, at the end he says few words those remind Rahul of his words said to Rohan.

    And finally the brothers meet, as Rahul now sure of Rohan being his younger brother. Thats quite emotional one.

    Rohan and Rahul

    And finally Rohan brings the parents to London as he tells them in phone that in his dream he saw them giving him surprise. Then Mr. Raichand decides to fly back to London. So then he ask them to meet in the same place where he is calling Rahul and so Anjali, hence they all meet at the place.

    So getting through the end although Rahul’s father held upon his ego for long but at the end he greets and accept Rahul and his wife.

    Mr. Raichand & Rahul

    Its a happy ending where the family finally greets and poo and laddo too gets married.

    Do watch it to revive old memories and some nostalgic movies from the past that are never too old to watch.

    Available on Netflix

  • Guys check out my first book on Amazon:Cultural Insight, Movie Review, Introspection

    This is Amazon link:

    Guys please check out this link, I have my book available in Amazon named: Cultural Insight, Movie reviews, Instrospection: Myfrienhope.

    Hope you get your hands on it. Since its my first book, will always have gratitude towards WordPress for my readers to help me beleive in my words that could describe any state or emotions regardless of any motion being used. I would always be grateful if you guys grab my first copy or preorder it now INR 76. And help us the young writer to once again hope for writing much more and more…

    Now its time to give some support and help the writer within not only me but you all bloggers here to get it to another height.

  • Hey there! Heard about Manifestation

    Hey there,
    Its genz or genx don’t know whats this new mellinial lingo, but yes but it is said the one in 90’s to 97 fall in millennial category and rest above 97 and all are populary termed as genz. But what about the newbie’s today.born called genA or what but whatever it may be lets leave up here.
    Why have you come here on this I neither don’t know how randomly I would be flowing through this book, hopefully you guys enjoy, I will not be a specific person to just dwevle on one topic and but a different hurricane as you guys like scrolling through a reel from Ohh no no Ohh no no to kacha badam. So short has been our span that we can’t held up on onething.


    Want it,Ask for it,Beleive it, you will receive

    Lets begin with the new lingo Manifestation, have you heard about it , ofcourse why not be it any content creator or your Whats Up Sister youtube channel / Spotify or Bob Procter vedios.
    If not then I could let you dig somewhat of it. Lets get directly onto it.
    So manifest is creating something , so guys what you people want to create, mm dnt say I want to sleep and take a nap or binge on movies or series. You can no worries though. But really what do you want that Dior bag that you see your favourite content creator carrying or maybe some accessories that Gigi, Bella or Kendall might be carrying. Or Kylie’s like giant mansion,or Mercedes.

    Happy you

    You absolutely can have just scroll through your insta and just a glance you get of for eg a Dior Bag or Louis Vitton bag , just glance and save it , you guys know how to save there.
    But then what you saw it with pure intention to have it one coming day, universe has received you order that has been placed and you would be receiving it in any form.
    Just believe you are holding it that is too far a day dream that you could say, but believe that you would certainly have it. There will be then your actions that would be turning around achieving it.
    That you guys would lead to have you one Dior bag, or whatever you want. This law of attraction works for sure, just give it one try. Affirm on achieving it.

    As he always motivates right


    Share if you like, and do let me know in comments if you guys want such content.

  • Hawan: An environment shuddhi

    Hawan is a form of religious ritual that is performed for keeping away evil or negative energy from your surroundings. Making it envitonment clean with use of its ingredients. It is performed usually on certain religious occassion. So here is the glimse of hawan sight.

    Hawan sight: navgraha puja
    Coconut with ghee being poured over

    being kept in the hawan
  • Me time = Tea time
  • Gehraiyaan: A Movie review

    Its all out about your new binge for the coming free time. It is Doobey and much critic worth movie Gehraiyaan. Binge it on Amazon Prime if you want a darker and deeper story. Not on a light node.

    So it starts with Alisha whom we see revisting her childhood which was quiet difficult as her mother found herself stuck in the place and wanted to move out but their father was not willing to move out. And then there seems a very blurred memory that was not viewed at that moment.

    Alisha is living with her partner Karan who is an aspiring writer while they both does not get along so well, then comes in Tiya Alisha’s sister who is back from USA, and friends with Karan too. They both can be seen as good buddies. In the same time we see entrance of Zain Tiya’s friend who is a real estate bussinessmen. And hosted the party for all of them in yatch where we can see Alisha and Zain getting to know each other, how they feel Karan and Tiya get along well. And then we see Tiya getting off to USA while Alisha and Karan who are searching for a house and Karan who is a writer and is yet to complete his Book wants Alisha to look after the brokerage and give him sometime till he gets to publish his book. But there is a grown tension as Alisha is who is Yoga instructer and is over timing is not able make the ends meet.

    We can see Zain and Alisha getting to know each other where they both share their childhood experience where now we can see Alisha recalling her mother getting stuck in a relationship and hanging herself, that really a traumatic sight and Alsiha goes through it and takes anxiety pills to cure her anxiety. Zain too had left his home as their parents were in abusive marriage.

    Alisha wants herself to be not like her mom and Zain too promise her that she needs to choose correct person for herself. As the trust is built. And Tiya finally return, we could see a mess situation as she is not aware about whats going. At the same time Alsiha calls off her engagement with Karan.

    And with some fraud going on with Zain’s business it makes it a bad situation where Alsiha too who is pregnant and want him to breakup with Tiya, but he can’t as her dad helps him in monetary part in the business. So he does not want to mess there and let Tiya know about it.

    And then you can read if you want to know the further climax otherwise just go and watch it.

    And then Zain finally calls Alsiha to his yatch where he plans to clear off from his path. And puts some supplement which she gets to know and to save herself she by accident pushes him to the ocean. And there Tiya is too shocked by this instance. Though she never gets too know the truth and both clearing their childhood relationship meanwhile Karan calls them up for his engagment. And so, its the end.

    Deepika playing Alisha has been stellar through her act. Siddhant Chaturvedi too was convincing on his part. A mixed review movie you could watch if want some binge.

  • Decoupled A review

    If you are likely to binge on something related to relationship and how it goes with certain period of time the certainly you can binge on Decoupled a series in Netflix. Its a light comedy too.

    So it start with Arya a popular novelist just after the popular The Chetan Bhagat (A best selling author in India). So its seen that he is always pissed off with this as he seems himself to be the best author, while we can see he goes to certain meeting with his wife, as she tells him but it was some fan who wanted to have him on her birthday. There we meet Mr. Basu the Economist and also Arya’s neigbour who is jealous of him as it can be seen when he comments that Arya will never understand the book that he reads. OK we get that!

    Oops not to forget his son too is Arya’s fan so that is another reason probabs. While he wanted to shake hands with Arya but he is not willing and did not, this creates a fuss there.And while they head to their home Arya’s wife is really pissed with his annoying habits and then they discuss about why are they still living together, as there is no compatibility and are trying to seek for seperation. And sorry but Shruti the so called Arya’s wife is seriously pissed at the dtiver too as he smells and is asking Arya to tell but he resist as he might feel bad.

    And then their daughter too is cool about his dad as it can be seen when Shruti tries to seek her laptop as what she is doing but then Arya is her escape as she ask him about how to clear history. The cool dad we can say and a strict mom. But for her they both seem to be petfect parents, why not, as they are pretending to not let their daughter know about still marriage.

    They both seems to have a conversation that they can see out whom ever they wants and then we can see the entrance of Mr. Lui and a flight attendant. This so happens as Arya while moving to Mumbai for his Netflix deal where he reciprocates his mind to the secutity and then you know it is all bad luck fot him as they bans him from flying that day. So thats an issue that went viral as his vedio gets through Chetan Bhagat’s twitter and why will he spare his competitor, so now this goes viral around.

    So in short it is hurdeled marriage where his openess and speaking his mind creates fuss around places that is intolerable to Shruti hence they finally decide to make their divorce a good happy ending so they would throw a party in goa to their friends and announce their seperation to family too.

    And it is a sad sight to them tossing their rings back to their each other and their daughter being emotional as for her they never seem to be in distress to move away.

    So it is throughout the series a line that when couples living together just for the sake , it is called marriage. Though at the end you might have seen a marriage vedio but here is their seperation vedio which too is interrupted by Chetan as he wishes Shruti All the best, why coz she has been offered a job by Mr. Lee in London and Arya is stumbled, I hope it is left on a high note for the next season. Do watch as it is a light comedy too.



    Shruti-Suvreen Chawla

  • Makarsankranti celebration in Kumaon

    Makarsankranti in Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, India. Ghughute and Khajure seen in picture is the sweet made in each home as a mark of it. which is meant to be served in few number to crow also.

  • Childhood memories revisted once more
    Nainital:Uttarakhand:Childhood memories:Serene
  • Aspirants: A review

    A story of an ambition and many people’s dream, it is the story that is for us to once again move up high towards our dream or if have lost hope just dust that off and get up.

    Coz there is no giving up or any faliure to stop you down. So here is the breif of the Series Aspirants.

    Story about three friends who met during their preparation for one of the top Indian Civil Services Exam. It is Abhilash, Guri and SK friendship’s story and their individual journey towards life and how they peepare and one of them finally succeed as a civil servant. As SK can be seen teaching students for Civil Services and while Guri is seen meeting SK and revisiting their old memories and how he is not in talking terms with Abhilash. SK is the mediator who have to mend things between them.

    It goes how those three met at Rajendra Nagar, Delhi during their preparations. Abhilash seen as a confused guy who does not know what optional subject should he choose, taking suggestions from all but getting none. Then finally reaching his home sorry that is in rent, he gets frustrated by Landlords TV volume and goes to them and unbothered tells them to shift their television to different place in house but they are adamant that he should adjust as other person is preparing from a long time and then he goes by and moves to that person room, as he enters his neighbour’s room he is thrilled to see all the sticky notes and world map that have been stuck around the room’s wall and then he ask him about his duration and we have now been introduced to Sandeep Bhayia, who will be seen a mentor to Abhilash and since its Sandeep’s last attempt to IAS paper. But exceptional is he is not taking any coaching due to financial issue and how he has flew away for preparatoons after being engaged. This astonished Abhilash.

    In these events and while thinking about himself leaving coaching institute he is enlightened by a previous year IAS officer speech and changes his mind to stay. And in that sequence there is Dhariya who is a sought of guide to Abhilash as they start practicing writing papers but she also guides for his attitude as how that reflects in what he answers, to change it to positive attitude.

    As the exams comes nearby there is hustle around, Abhilash too broke up with Dhariya coz he thinks it will be a distration and he can’t sacrifice his dream due to that.

    Examination site and finally result day and there is tension in all the environment. The scene is nicely depicted by the song Dhaga. No one makes it this time except SK. There is also sympathy towards Sandeep Bhaiya who gave his last attempt. But then everyone is heartbroken and decides to move back to their hometown, Guri who has come to console Abhilash gets into an ugly fight as he is in no mood to listen.

    Moving back he goes back to his previous job with least mood to work. But then in news it comes that civil services have increased 2 more attempt. With that it makes him happy and move back to complete his dream.

    Yes Abhilash has become IAS officer, Sandeep bhaiya too have clarified PCS exam and is officer lower than Abhilash but its ok.

    Then comes the twist as Guri is getting married and do not want to call up Abhilash. But SK has sorted that out Abhilash and Abhilash who is no mood to come to weeding as Guri is getting married to Dhariya.

    But at the end their friendhip bond stays above and he decides to attend the wedding, moving on and forward in his life.

    Amazing Series by TVF. Inspirational. Do watch its there in Youtube.

  • Hanumam Dham

    Located in Ramnagar Uttarakhand, India.

    A must visit. To all the devotees who like to explore religious places.

  • IT Company higher side cons than pros

    IT company has its own pros and cons, but cons on higher side.

    You are there not just 9 to 5 but there are variation so they can be called shifts. They are pretty uneven due to their timings, yes starting with 6:30 in morning ending 4:00 pm, or 2:00 pm in the afternoon till midnight, and the main one you dnt forget night shift 10:30 pm to 8:00 am, its one hell, for those with sleep issues as adjusting to these changing cycles.

    Better then you need to know about the work culture , if you are an extrovert unlike me you can work well and gel along better. But what about the introvert reserved one they can’t expect someone to guide, its a smooth place if you get good seniors, but a place to question if there is any help. So remember atleast to get along a little with people too.

    The get along with others is specially for freshers to get to know the environment coz our college doesn’t prepare for it, skills are totally different of what you were being taught. So guys wake up and brush up your skills you possess coz that would take you a long way. Heard about Linux, we Electronics engineer did not, but it is a handy when Cloud computing is all the technology thats around.

    So skills matter.

    But what about those 9:30 hrs five days a week where you do not have any holiday according to Indian festival and working ass off. These are basic rights you know what I mean, specially client based company people will get it. Almost every huge MNC will have this culture. Can we not enjoy our festivals or there too we need some ideas to get leave, a typical con of IT’s.

    To get to know more about the IT insight will post in next blogs. Hope you enjoyed, as some secret reveals.

  • Beware of certain sights

    There could be people around to take full advantage of,Beware.

    Beware cause sometimes it is that you need to pave your own path.

    Beware you need to certainly be ready for uncertain situation.

    Beware to be good to others and never losing innosence.

    Beware some work could be gripping taking your entire time, but again to let your relation flourish too.

    Beware of not doing a work for the sake, so that it crambles you, love what you do.

    Beware whatever happened you are evolving each day so thrive for the best.

  • Shershaah Review

    A heartwarming and a movie which you can be proud of the valour of the Indian soldier Vikram Batra. Potrayed in a phenomenal manner by the cast Siddhartha Malhotra and Kiara Advani and all the other supporting actors. It starts with their childhood where it can be seen Vikram Batra Palampur boy is fighting with big guys and it is the forsight to that a brave boy is in the making who will be serving for better. And then it comes his college life where he meets Dimple Cheema to whom he takes a little to express his feelings. But they both a while after expresses each others feelings. He finally all of sudden proposes her to marry. But Dimple’s father has heard them while proposing, hence calls him to his place. He ask Vikram it is difficult for him to give away his daughter to him, but Dimple does not in any way want to marry any other person other than Vikram. Vikram decides he will go to merchant navy and convince Dimple’s father to marry his daughter.

    Then Batra’s friend reminds him of not let his dream of being in an army fade away. And his love overpower his dreams, it is then Vikram decides to follow his dream of being army brat.

    Then his journey of being an army person started. It is shown of him being a kind and warm hearted person who is mixing up with local person in Kashmir. And then there is his mate Jimmy started to tease him that he should not do the type of valour he did that can harm civilian and he then call him little side to take few puffs with him and tells him that he is proud of him that he attacked the militants. And then there started his journey of valour and bravery.

    With the help of local he decodes the way to Haider place and finally gets him defeated. This is another brave step that makes him a prominent that begs everyone praises. Then he is back on some days leave to meet his family and friends. Every one is proud of him. Then Dimple is there waiting for his return. He takes him to Gurudwara where it can be seen that Vikram has held his dupatta while they are taking turns around and then after he tells her that we are now married. This is the purest scene defining their relationship. Then it is call from his duty as there imvasion of Pak in LOC. As he gets back by the bus he ask Dimple that they are married by Sikh culture he also wants to get her married by Hindu culture and then he scars himself a little from blade and marks her forhead(sindoor). This lefts Dimple a little surprise and teary eyed.

    Then at duty there is war declared b/w India Pak and while moving for the war they are given names, Shershah is being assigned to Vikram, through which they will converse. And they have to then tell what will be the code of their victory, Vikram chose Yeh Dil Mange More which brings little giggles among all his mates around.

    With the plan defined they are up towards the terrain to get the militants out and though there had been casualities but when they get some 200 metres away Jimmy and Vikram converse which is heard by the militants in bunker ahead and shershah receives their call and then there is a dialoge from the terrorist that give them Madhuri back, to which Vikram replies that she is busy in shooting and he will not spare him.

    With the sheer agression he moves ahead and directly attack the bunker of 3 terrorist all by himslef. We could see the bravery of our Shershah, and it could be heard Yeh Dil Mange More.Yes they have got through the oppoments and Vikram has been announced to be given Param Vir Chakra the highest prestige to be assigned. He is promoted to Captain. Now Captain Batra is all over, his interveiw is all around the television that makes each one in his family proud. Even Dimple’s father that can be seen in one call that Vikram makes to Dimple’s and ask her to get ready for marraige when he comes back.

    But now there is a mission of Battle of point 4875 that is little risky and had been assigned to a particular group but Vikram wants and request that he will lead that mission even being insisted that it can be risky. But the person love for his country will make him move ahead of any hurdle. It can be seen that there is too much height and large number of terrorist camoflagued, there are few casualities but our Shershah don’t want to hide but fight from the front foot to which his mates says do not take such a big risk, but it is now the final bunker and he take up the risk but not spared from the terrorist bullets that makes him martyered but a legend whose valour will be always be sung. With that India gets victory bearing its flag.

    At the end he is brought back with tricolors and there is tears of pride for the brave martyered Vikram Batra whose valour will remain forever and Dimple Cheema remaining unmarried.

    As he told his friend as he is going to war he will be come either alive or wrapped in tri colors, but he will come back. Those legends will forever be sung for their bravery. And be inspiration for generations.

    The story is gripping and not over the top emotions, but you can see how the Indian army brat from a normal background gets to being the brave soldier risking his life for the motherland. Siddharta Malhotra is extemely good for playing his part as Vikram Batra and Kiara Advani as Dimple Cheema and all the rest of the cast is truly good at each part.

    The story is gripping you will not be up from your seat either moment. Perfect to watch on the ocassion of Indepence day with the family. One of the best war movies in the recent time and a great biopic of the valour. No less than five star.

  • Never Have I Ever

    #netflix#netflixseries#Never Have I Ever. Don’t forget Gigi’s narrating Paxton in 3rd or 4rth episode, happy watching.

    Netflix presenting-Never Have I Ever

    This is an exceptional rollercoaster and a teen journey of Devi. Yes its hell gonna be relatable even to us adults about how miserable we were while handling teenage stuff.

    But hell yeah what Devi was suppose to date Ben, as he has helped her driving by to cremate Devi’s father ashes. But wait what,Devi feeling for Paxton too, yeah Devi you gotta be every millenial right now whom to choose between two, confused!!

    Smoothly she is handling both the guys. Hell how! Never getting caught, her friends are helpful too, but they want her to choose one of either boys, so obvio, its Paxton they wanted but Devi has soft corner for Ben since as told before a great help when in need(driving her).

    But then suddenly there is plan from her mother that they will be leaving for India so its her last few days there, as her mom visits to India, Devi is planning for party at her place, where she is inviting Paxton, but wait then Ben comes to know that she is throwing party hence she has to invite him too.

    But to remain safe and not being caught by either she decided more mates to her place. But we thought it would be great party time, but sorry for Devi as Ben and Paxton found out that they were being double dated and feel cheated. Devi is in shook but is more concerned about Paxton whom she goes to clarify. Ben felt cheated here.

    But as Paxton moves out in anger and feeling betrayed is hit by the car. Poor boy due to which he suffers injuries.Ohh now its tough for Devi to face any of them. And Paxton too is worried how to get through swimming and that he would never want to miss out on going to college.

    But wait now lets move back to Devi’s family her mother is back from India, where she had her super busy mom who was least interested by her visit. So then she came to US with her mother-in -law. Devi’s cousin Kamala is now doing her PHD and is excited to do it under her favourite and famous professor.This all for them.

    Then you know now Devi is feeling left out, and hey there’s a new Indian in the school, yup Anisa. She is cool and gelled around with people very well and Devi is jealous of the fact that she is taking away her limelight, even she got friendly with Ben, poor Devi. Now there is a news about her being anaroxic meaning eating disorder and that goes around very fast. Anisa had felt bad and reached out to Principal, who asked Devi to investigate but wait at one home meetup Devi told it was her to come up with the rumour and spread it all, Anisa felt cheated, Devi explained that she did not like her being close to Ben, but Anisa told that she left previous schools due to the bully due to her eating disorder now same is repeating, ohh damnn she has left the place. Devi must have not done it.

    But hey, here there comes Dr. Chris Jackson who is mostly been seen arguing with Devi’s mom Dr. Nalini Vishwakumara, but at the end it turns out to be the friendship that is not at all liked by Devi. She thought her mom has forgotten about her Dad and moved out to fast, but hey she needs someone to talk to sharing the same page to the typical trauma after her husband’s death, even her grandma is up with Nalini as she is grown up and can take up her decision.

    Then it can be seen that Paxton is now focussed to get his grade right so he turned up to Devi for help, that pretty sweet Devi has got the helping hand.

    On occasion Paxton can be seen sliding through the window to Devi’s room and want their relationship to be secret, probably being ashamed of her. Innocent of Devi being letting it secret, and even getting rejected from being her dance partner, then Ben out of nowhere comes in and consoles heartbroken Devi that she deserves better. Devi feels good. And finally at dance concert at the end Paxton realizes to go to the concert and be partner to Devi who is all alone in that party, and one more twist Prashant Kamla’s fiance has come to propse her over dinner but oops she is not up with him and fled from the scene and reached out to teacher’s party at Devi’s school qs remeber Mr. Kulkarni has asked out to kamala. So hey its a happy ending. Soo there will be another season hopefully. Do watch a teenage flick.

  • Fatherhood Movie Review

    If on a weekend you feel binging on some inspirational and heart warming story then this can be great to watch.

    Hey Netflix play Fatherhood.

    Ok Playing Fatherhood

    And the story wraps in, it is Logelin who had lost have to go on for some speech.

    A lady comes in and put the shoes on Reeves and tells him to just get up and meet the people, as he is lying on his bed. But he is in no mood to move out as the lady moves out he just throws by the shoes.

    And then goes back to the memory of when he got married and his wife got pregnant. But it was the day the wife is expecting the baby, and all of sudden the little girl is born but sad that they lost Lizzie her mom.

    Logelin is heartbroken and now reminscing the memory downlane he is in greif to attend the funeral.

    As we move on now it is him take up the role of the parent and the fatherhood began, the little baby girl to manage her all crying at night, he does not know how to make her stop her crying, its basically sleepless night for him, the grand ma too has left as he has taken decision of taking care of the baby.

    Now he has started managing the diaper and all the poop thing, but how to stop the cry, there are many suggestions as he goes suddenly to mom’s teaching class where they suggest him something called white noise, even from his office he gets the same sugggestion and even white noise app. But his boss who is fed up and wants him to get fired as he is having issue while Logelin is bringing little baby girl to Office and it is getting difficult for him as there is in pressure from higher authority too, but suddenly as the client admired the meeting , boss turn the idea down of letting him go.

    Now he is a pro in managing the child but then his friends wants some women in life and set up a date, which turns out to be great. The date introduces herself as Lizzie and Logelin is reminded of his first wife with same name. And date went off great, his daughter is little grown up.

    And she is going to catholic school where her mom wished for, but his father is making her wear pants and never let any ear of any teachers who remind him to make her dress feminine. As he says he does not mind boys wearing a skirt. Thats indeed a cool words said.

    Then Logelin date Swarm and is now being introduced to his daughter, they go out on casual outing on weekend and its fun for them.

    But then one day at school she is being given the skirt to wear by the management and to follow the norms. But then as she is in the park sitting up in the rides all of the sudden the few boys shouts at her and then she screams at them fell into the ground. Finally Logelin arrives and is in the hospital and is very emotional as it is the same hospital where he lost his wife and want to just move out but the doctors reminds him to provide the girl stiches.

    Finally he is reminded that he can’t get like this any further with Swarm, break up in scene.Little girl back to her grandma’s home. Logelin take up the position of the boss as he is leaving and he can’t find anyone but him suitable and now he have to travel around due to work, but he seems all alone and misses his daughter badly, finally decide to go back and pick her up from grandma’s place and bring with him, but then she want Swarm back to his life and so he now is back to apologize to Swarm and happily back all.

    It is sweet movie where father daughter bond is beautifully depicted. And how not only there can be motherhood but fatherhood too, they are there and can raise the child too that to by themselves, although some difficulty but it will be overcome by the love and care for the child.

  • Family man S2 an overveiw

    It started with the previous review of the terrorist group, then it grips on to Srikant Tiwari who is working as an IT professional, and the scene where his boss argues to as of why he has been late, to that he replies its 9:20 and they can reach office between 9:00 to 9:30, if they want he can sit there aròund 8:30, he is not at all in the mood to perform his current job. He is calling JK his friend to tell him his condition out here, who then realizes that he should come back to his previous secret agent job. Along with that he is not having a good family life, no proper conversation is there he can make with his wife Suchi. His son is also a innocent but smart one who knew how to get things from his father, as it can be seen he is asking for new iphone model, thereby his daughter Dhriti finds it misogynist that boys are given all the stuff they want, she can be seen a little stunborn, natural teenage go through.

    Along with that there is other side ongoings its the story about terrorist how they are controlling things sitting in London, France. To that there comes innocent face Raji being molested at workplace and in public area, but there is not taking along with it she had killed them and its a harsh sight to watch to how the dead bodies are been thrown away. Then there is the instance where police has come to investigate about the missing manager and investigate all the employees including Raji. Who is now going back to his brother to get out from investigation since the police has found here place. There she arrives to the place where it comes along to be seen as a mission and her being crucial part of the terrorist. Since it bought up her riding a plane. That has some strings attached to the plan being lead outside India by mastermind Bhaskaran, yes the antagonist, or a lead of that terrorist.

    Srikant on the other hand is now moved to his previous TASC organization, and its an emotional one to see Suchi and him being apart and not in talking terms and how the teenage Dhriti gets affected while his son is still calm and settles the situation of being mediator for his dad.

    Dhriti is dating a guy named Kalyan while Suchi Seikant’s wife has got back to work to keep herself busy.

    Moving to TASC investigation Srikant and JK with their mates are on mission to roll down the terrorist who are being threat to the highest position.

    Raji is now in search,best part is the seen where they are caught at Raji’s place who took herself while fleeing tell Srikant and JK the location and the inspector arrest who is now in search of Raji reaches the place and found Srikant and JK near the body kept in a bag, she arrest them, and is not in a mood to listen them and dump JK’s phone. But the official comes by and bail them out from the jail.

    Inspecter has joined them in the mission too. The mission is to now catch Raji who has fled away, now Raji with his brother and Akbar they are feeing with explosives to Sri Lanka.

    In short they get in at one point that dhriti’s boyfriend is also the part of it and they used her now to stop Srikant from getting between their mission, she has been kidnapped, now Srikant is all upset and is in hint that terrorist might have done it, getting all the phone tapped and police force throughout the area, he is able to catch up Akbar and his mates who are surrendered and shooted, and the so called Kalyan was killed by Dhriti.

    As this points get completed, abroad the terrorist mastermind Bhaskaran had been surrendered but he does not omit any plans and kills himself.

    The only left person is Raji who is now under TASC radar, as she is flying thr palne with explosive, it was tedious to find Raji and the day has come when she thought of running the plane with explosive to an important place of higher authority. Srikant and his team gets the hint and get to the place finally the they shoot out at the plane and plane hits out with explosion.

    Nice acting by all the cast I must say and a good story based on real events have been told that you are hooked for each episode, It is a 5 star series.

    Available on Prime Vedio

    #Family Man Season 2 #Prime Vedio

  • Scam 1992 (series overview)

    Its a really gripping story where one wants to know what are the insiders that he did to perform such a big scam.

    As the story begins with humble family, and their son Harshad with big dreams, so one of his mate introduces him to share market, where he learns tricks and tips how the market works, like when to sell the stock and when to buy, at the beginning his guess of a market share to up really works to his benifit, after which there is no looking back. He is not sufficient with these goings for the want of more he indulge to get small stocks to whom he could help in increasing the market share, for this he would take help from the insiders of that small company, this efficacy is the base of the big scam that will happen, then there is their own company that is managing these small market share companies started.

    Moving higher up then he wants more, for him this is not what is sufficient. So then there is money market where he gambles with the bank fraudary. With taking money from foreign banks without BR and securities he becomes confident to bring shares to big banks, including SBI, this scam was of rupees 500 crores, that lead not many but Suchita Dalal to think how is it all possible to have such a wealth in no time.

    Suchita Dalal a financial column writer in Times of India, is pretty aware of the financial ongoings and is mesmirized to see the share market being controlled by Harshad, but there she caught the trap how badly was Harshad taking advantage of flaws of the system, but as a responsible person she is there to get it known to every one that there are person who misusing country’s money.

    Though there is tough fight to get even a column based on him to get into the newspaper, there needs to be evidence, from where they slowly getting each layer out and got the one column of Harshad The big bull 1500 crores scam of SBI that started the trouble for Harshad. His downfall

    Then there are CBI raids, he is the most wanted person. He had to jail that until bail granted. That when started having health issues. There are many higher authority level who are also involved in this, that have also been named by his advocate, now there is nothing left every one has withdrawn from his share. Then there is a sad ending which gets emotional though.

    Not revealed much, a must watch.

    Available on sonyliv series-Scam 1992

  • Lazying out in the eve with the beauty of nature

  • (no title)

    Misogyny in our society (Work sector)

    Maybe we have come forward as a nation in case of equality , but there is still a pinch of misogny left in, an old thoughts misogny where you can see men with position whom none can question( IT sectors), still objectifying women and do not consider them as capable of providing any effient amount of work, I think this will take some time to change in point of veiw, I am not talking about the general scenario because there are places where both women and men are contributing equally, but this pinch of old thoughts misogynist still needs some changes.
    #women #equalityforall #misogyny

  • Do follow Mind Valley (+vity towards life and Hard work is bullsh**)

    They are the best one to look at if you feel like your job is a disastor or feel like giving up, it really enhances your inner core to get and get a vision and evolve yourself, no worry about result as everything will fall in its place as you evolve and attract the right ones and right places. It is the hope for want that is wanting more money, car and house or anything luxury that provides anxiety and a tough one though, if you are busy evolving yourself and leave the rest, universe will decide to make it happen all.

    Just evolve and remain positive everything will fall in its place, and do follow Mind Valley in you tube, great content to motivate.

  • #Ripped jeans #Ripped mentality leaders possessing today

  • When a shopping site lets you not get away with the product even if not suited

    I had shopped a suit from Bunai a shopping site that was seen as a light pink color but when it arrived it was in different shade which does not suits me, but here is the catch you can’t return the product, sorry if I had not gone to their policy thoroughly but they can’t deceive us as the suit brought was worth Rs. 3700 not a small amount to get away after writing in their mail but there is no reply from their end only Discount coupens being mailed. This was not expected from a site that is extremely good even a small shopping site like DVIJA had return policy, a change from their end is appreciated.

    #No return #what policy #Bunai

  • Ram mandir established, in Ayodhya


  • A liilte greenry never hurts
  • Online shopping site should include more diverse variety(not only fair skinned) to showcase their product

    more diversified veiw requiredI would like all the online site to include variety in case of skin color to model their product, so customer can get better idea of what they want, as they are not all fair skin type.This concern was raised when my mother had ordered the suit that looked good on the model of fair skin type, but it arrived it did not suited her less fair complexion and she became disheartened after seeing that it didn’t suited her skin type well, if the site had variety in model showcasing their clothing it would have given a clarity, as online site is the best place where you can see the given cloth in visual as it showcased in the model, if it has more variety in skin color it would give customer a better clarity, if it is suited to their skin type or not.

    From a concerned customer

  • Nature:a sight
    Its whimsical to see the majestic beauty ,totally enthralling
  • Matching making

    A Netflix originals

    It seems as someone in human has arrived to give us a partner of our dreams,yes rightly its Seema aunty guys, she is someone who is a genuine human bumble or tinder or being more specific, to whom we can rely as to the person we will meet will be filtered before as you have given your specifications, yes you can then instead of having virtual conversation, directly meet them ,so in this case its not sometime of hookup, but a commitment you have to give,yes guys it marriage. So parents will be involved to get the perspective, it somehow made me realize how consistent is Seema aunty to get absolute right match for you, just imagine in real world who can help you pursue your dream partner. But its also difficult to get to know the person in such a short span,that you are giving commitment.At first instance the series seemed to be the documentry, but then you realize its series. It has taken grip of everyone as its showing us our culture as to how the arrange marriage is proceeded in our country, seema aunty could be anyone your preist(pandit) or your relative(mausi).In all a reality check which is by far a reality

• • •